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Aquaus Diaper Sprayer - The New & Improved Mini-Shower

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Aquaus Diaper Sprayer - The New & Improved Mini-Shower

Aquaus Diaper Sprayer - The New & Improved Mini-Shower

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Introducing the new and improved Mini-Shower now renamed the Aquaus (ah-kwuhs) Diaper Sprayer & Multi-Use spray Wand. The Aquaus Diaper sprayer has a three (3) year warranty and is made in the USA with domestic and global components. Domestic production, testing, assembly and packaging ensures that you are receiving the highest quality product while creating jobs in the USA. The Aquaus Diaper Sprayer is a breeze to install - usually takes only 5 to10 minutes. Includes easy to follow instructions with color pictures. Do it yourself installation includes all the components you need to attach to any American type toilet. The only additional part you may need is a flexible water line to your toilet, which only cost about $5.00 at most hardware stores. Uniquely designed sprayer has an anti-drip spray head preventing water in the spray head from dripping on the floor when placed in the holder after each use. Made in the USA, solid brass shut / off pressure control valve and t-connector gives you peace of mind knowing the Aquaus Bidet is not going to leak or fail because the American made brass valve and t-connector are the highest quality made brass plumbing parts in the world plus creates jobs in the USA. The Aquaus Bidet also include our new Patent pending StayFlex 48'' long, stainless steel, high-pressure spray hose that remains totally flexible under pressure. StayFlex hose has the perfect spray pressure while being only 10.5mm round making it the smallest diameter stainless steel sprayer hose ever made. StayFlex hose is also double crimped on both ends, which protects the high-pressure braided polymer inner hose from tampering or being damaged. StayFlex hose has a burst rating of 325 psi. more than 3 time the average home pressure.

  • Made in the USA with domestic and global components
  • Three (3) year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA solid brass super strong pressure control shut off ball valve - T-connector with easy grip hand tight corrosion free nylon 7/8 inch nut
  • 2 ASME certified plumbing code required back flow preventers
  • StayFlex Stainless Steel spray hose with brass hose nuts, swivel nut on sprayer connection, double crimped hose ends plus stays completely flexible under pressure. Patent pending

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